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Center for Resilience Publications (selected)

Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability

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Ecologically-Based Life Cycle Assessment

  • J. Fiksel, B.R. Bakshi, A. Baral, E. Guerra, B. DeQuervain, “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Beneficial Applications for Scrap Tires,” Clean Technology and Environmental Policy, Volume 13, Issue 1, p. 19, Feb. 2011.
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Systems Approach to Sustainability

  • J. Fiksel, T. Graedel, A.D. Hecht, D. Rejeski, G.S. Sayler, P.M. Senge, D.L. Swackhamer, T.L. Theis. “EPA at 40: Bringing Environmental Protection into the 21st Century.” Environmental Science and Technology, 43 (23), pp 8716–8720, 2009.

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Sustainable Materials Management & Industrial Ecology

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Human Factors and Resilient Decision-Making

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